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Posted by NotCoachFro - 13 days ago

My old newpost was getting old. I haven't had a huge change in my life since then, but some small updates.

I recently dislocated my hip. I don't know how, it just was like that one day. I mean, I'm sure I did something, but I can't relate it back to a specific day. It's been painful, some days I can barely stand, let alone walk or function, but I've fought through it. I continue to go to work and deal with the pain when I get home.

I've been going to physical therapy for it and I'm almost back to feeling ok. Some days are worse than others. Last night I was bed ridden after squatting down to pick something up. It's given me a small excuse to get out of household chores, but the last thing I want to do is lay around.

With the quarantine in effect I can't go to the gym, my coaching gig is up, so all I do is walk to work, work for 8 hours, walk home, lay down, rinse, repeat, etc... At least if the hip was healed up I could go for some runs and do some body weight workouts. I'm still doing some upper body dumbell stuff, but that's about it.

I've been watching some youtube stuff to keep me entertained. This would be a perfect time to take up writing again though...


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If a wheelchair bound fat man can train himself up to becoming a strongman with fully capable legs without using gym equipment,so can you trought patience and timing get back on your feet as well.Get better soon.png.

Smashed up femur guy here. Hip-focused Leg physio exercises:

1. Laying flat (no pillow). Legs and toes together. Lift only the bad side leg hold for 5 seconds. Optional, twist or angle foot for extra stretch; place leg down smoothly, repeat at least 5 times.

2. Stood up straight, have a counter to your side if balance is unsteady. Keep posture straight, feet together. lift bad leg directly to side, so angled 45° up like the davinci man. Hold for 5 seconds or more. Smoothly place down and repeat at least 5 times.

3. Stood straight good posture. lift leg up 90° in front of you, let foot and calf hang. Keeping leg at 90°, twist it out directly to side , like manspread. This one might hurt at joint. Bring back in smoothly. Repeat 5 times or more

4. Similar to that but instead, lift only your lower leg up and have at 90° behind you, so your quads and thighs are together with calf and foot of bad leg out behind you. Bring this up to the 90° position in front of you from previous exercise. Eventually combine this with previous exercise but initially when starting do them separate to get the strength back a bit.

5. This one need a step . Stand on step with just toes and top of foot. Let heels and balls of your feet hang down off over step. May need hand rail. This will stretch all tendons at back of legs. Tense up toes and feet (but don't tip-toe, just try to straighten the foot up as if you were stood flat). Hold this for 5 seconds then release back to let balls hang lol

Any of these can be held for longer time. Generally done in sets of 5, a few times a day if possible. It is best to do it for both legs as it allows a more even and natural positioning.. Sometimes I find it can help to put arms up straight and maybe lift chin if breathing becomes intense.
Hit me up if you need more or any questions or issues occur! All the best in healing and recovery

Concentrate on recover. If hip will be damaged you will newer be able to workout well.
I guess it will be good idea to take a small break from heavy weights and recover by calisthenics.

I told you in one of your "New Year, New You" threads how my right shoulder being unstable and prone to dislocations prevented me from doing your recommended sit-ups. I know if you were me, you would have pushed through causing more damage. I'm sorry it took a dislocation of your own--in this case your hip--to take it easy for a bit. Exercise is important and has its place, but being too vigorous can hurt your body a lot.

It had nothing to do with excercises

Shit all GYM are closed during quarantine. So I have to do calisthenics too.